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Understanding by Design Overview
Understanding by Design Exchange
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Understanding by Design — a framework for designing curriculum, assessments, and instruction explores questions like: What is teaching for understanding? How can you unpack content standards to identify the important big ideas that you want students to understand? How do you know that students truly understand and can apply their understanding in a meaningful way? How can you design courses and units to emphasize understanding rather than coverage? What instructional practices are both engaging and effective for developing student understanding? One of the available tools, the Understanding by Design Exchange, is a Web site dedicated to the design of curriculum, assessment, and instruction that leads students to deep understanding of content. In the Exchange, you can

  • Use the backward design template to create units.
  • Search hundreds of units created by other participants.
  • Integrate state and provincial standards to your unit design.
  • Receive feedback from an expert about your unit.
  • Keep track of group and individual progress as an administrator.
For more information, listen to this short overview about the Understanding by Design Exchange.